The Top Five Hi-Tech Gadgets You Need in Your Home

The joys of technology. It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago computers and sophisticated electronic devices were considered novelties or cumbersome, complicated machines. From smartphones to laptops with touch sensitive screens, we’ve certainly come a long ways from the days when a single desktop processor filled a room the size of a small apartment somewhere in an office in Silicon Valley.
Just as tech on the go has brought about time-saving conveniences (mobile Starbucks ordering anyone), so has computing brought about innovations to help organize, streamline and generally improve your home living environment. At Homegather we’re all about keeping up with the latest and greatest innovations and market trends. With that in mind, here’s a fun list of the top five technologically advanced gadgets and devices you should have in your 21st century home.
1. Amazon Echo Dot
Part of Amazon’s push to wirelessly connect your home for shopping, entertainment, efficiency and more, the Amazon Echo Dot is the least expensive option to roll out Amazon’s Alexa home helper service in your own abode. Simply spend a few minutes programming, connecting and inputting passwords and your personal assistant is up and running. Play music, make shopping lists and control your home’s smart ecosystem, using only a few voice commands.
2. Smart Lighting Systems
Speaking of controlling your home systems wirelessly, a number of companies have been rolling out customizable lighting systems that can be controlled from a host of handheld and remote devices. Getting home after dark? Simply use a smartphone app to turn the porch light on before you even exit the car. Away for a weekend and want to deter would-be thieves? Set up automated controls to give the appearance of an occupied home. You can even connect your lighting system to a home-based control hub and say goodbye to light switches, pull cords or tricky dimmer knobs for good.
3. Entertainment Streaming “Sticks”
From Roku to the iTV to Google Chromecast, families around the country and even the world are discovering the joys of saying goodbye to expensive monthly wired cable services and hello to entertainment on demand with online streaming. In its early days selection of programming was limited to select shows and channels. Now, everything from just released movies to network sitcoms are available on demand. Original programming for these companies has also come a long way and, hey, who doesn’t enjoy a little guilty-pleasure binge-watching of that hot new series now and then?
4. Home Security Systems
As with most technology-improved systems, home security has come a long way from the days of blaring horns and false alarms sent to your local police department. Hi-tech home security systems allow you to wirelessly lock, unlock, monitor and control your home security system. Give your family unique pin codes and monitor who’s come and gone when. Add in a few well-placed and discreet cameras and you can even monitor your home’s exterior on the go from your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices. Talk about peace of mind.
5. Wireless Appliances
Last but not least on our list of must-have home gadgets for the tech lover in your life; home appliances are no longer the boring, enamel fronted necessities of yesteryear. Today, smart refrigerators can communicate wirelessly with your phone, allowing you to sneak a peek into the fridge for dinner ideas on the way home or adjust temperatures of individual drawers. Ovens can be keyed to start preheating while you’re in route and laundry and dishwashing machines can be given a quick order for an automatic clean cycle. Monitor energy usage, cleaning schedule and performance, and maintenance, all in one convenient hub. Talk about time savings!

From time savings to efficient energy usage, technology today certainly has more to offer than figuring complicated math equations. Have a favorite gadget we missed or ideas to integrate the above into your new home? Drop us a line or comment below to share your stories of home ownership and the wonders of modern tech.



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