Nothing Says Happy Mother’s Day Like Buying Mom a Home

It’s Mothers Day!  The one day a year where we all stop and thank, or remember, those wonderful women in our lives.  The ones who changed our diapers, fixed our lunches, wiped our tears and avoiding strangling us every time we refused to listen, got a little bit sassy or through a tantrum because we couldn’t have a cookie.  And all that in just the last year.

All kidding aside, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to throw down some serious love to the mom in your life.  For most of us, this means a bouquet of flowers and maybe a nice dinner out where she doesn’t have to corral toddlers or yell at anyone for their table manners.  If you’re a super start, however, you tend to think a little bit…bigger…when it comes to celebrating mom.  How much bigger?  How about gifting your mom with an entire house!

Mansions, Farms, and Estates – Oh My!

If you’re feeling like a bad kid this Mother’s Day, here are a few real estate purchases celebs made for their moms to make sure you know just how inadequate that “coupon for a free bathroom cleaning” really is.

Beyoncé – When you’re a megastar you can afford to do nice things for your mother.  Really nice things.  Like, buy them a Texas mansion nice.  In 2014 Beyoncé bought her mother a five bedroom, 7-bathroom home on 2.5 acres.  You could fit quite a few potted tulips on that lot.

Liam Payne – Better known as the former singer of One Direction, Liam purchased his mom (and dad) a house in Surrey England for $500,000, a steal of a deal for U.K. real estate.

Venus Williams – The superstar tennis player bought her mom a Florida residence as her way of saying thanks.  With four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for both sisters to pay mom a visit this Mother’s Day.

Demi Lovato – The actress turned singer may top the list for extravagant home purchases for mom.  Demi purchased her mother’s Sherman Oaks home for $2.5 million.  In case you’re wondering, in CA real estate terms this sum gets you 4,000 sq. ft., four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and a pool complete with hot tub and water slide.

Home Related Mother’s Day Gifts for Us Mere Mortals

While extravagance may work for those with a little more fame and fortune, you don’t have to be a member of the Hollywood elite to give your mom the celebrity treatment this Mother’s Day.  Most moms will tell you that an extended visit, quiet meal or another form of attention is more than enough to make them feel loved and appreciated.

While the standard gifts may be all well and good, for moms that are also homeowners, consider helping out with a special chore or project she may have had her heart set on.  Repairing a deck, driveway or sidewalk is the perfect gesture to eliminate a little bit of stress and an item or two from her to-do list.  Mother’s Day is also the time of year in cooler parts of the country when it’s considered safe to start putting in those cold sensitive plants.  Showing up with a rake, shovel, jug of ice tea and fixings for a BBQ can lead to a fun and memory-filled day spent working with and for your mom.  And it won’t cost you the price of a California McMansion.

However you choose to celebrate, from our families to yours, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms past and present!



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