Just in Time for Summer: 5 Easy Ways to Spiff Up Your Yard and Patio

Summer is just around the corner and at Homegather it’s the season we look forward to more than any other.  Warmer weather and longer days plus family and friends with vacation time equals a plethora of opportunities for outdoors gatherings.  Add in some tasty barbeque and a frosty beverage or two and you have a guaranteed recipe for good conversation and fun times for all.  But before you’re ready to host the ultimate Summer gathering you’ll need a few essentials when it comes to your outdoors space.  From grills to patios, we’ve got a few tried and true ideas for making your yard the perfect spot to celebrate the dog days of summer.

Spiffy up that Deck

If you have an existing wood or composite deck a Summer gathering is the perfect excuse to do a little yearly maintenance.  Not only will a little TLC protect your investment, freshening up this centerpiece of your yard is an easy way to brighten up the area.  Start with a little power washing to remove any dirt and pollen buildup from winter and tree flowering season.  For wooden decks, a fresh coat of stain or outdoor paint helps seal the wood and prevent deterioration.  Add in a couple flowerpots for good measure and you’re ready to host!

Try Patio Pavers on for Size

Don’t have a deck, or the budget to install one?  Never fear, patio pavers are here.  While costs range for size, shape and material, pavers, river stone or stone slabs are an inexpensive way to create some seating and dining space.  If going it at your own, map out the layout ahead of time and thoroughly remove any dirt and large rocks from the space.  Be sure to use generous amounts of sand or locking joint compound as a base to prevent uneven settling.  For a more natural look, leave some gaps between pavers and throw down a little wild grass seed for a unique and carefree design.

Firepit Anyone?

Few things are more iconic to summer than nighttime gatherings around a campfire.  Recreate this experience at home by installing a simple firepit in your backyard.  Designs here vary from complicated to no fuss.  Larger, built in fire pits will require a good deal of brick and ½ day worth of labor to install.  Portable pits may be a better option for those looking for versatility.  Be sure to place your new campfire well away from all structures and shrubbery for safety reasons.  Pull up a chair and makings for s’mores and you have a recipe for guaranteed Summer fun.

Grilling Made Easy

Perhaps the most essential component to any backyard gathering is your heat source for all the delicious barbeque you and your guests will be consuming.  Any local hardware store has a host of commercial grill units that will serve just fine.  If you’re on a budget, check out your local classifieds or community sale listings for used grills at a great price.  Looking to go all out?  Try a standalone smoker unit to add a bit of flavor and pizazz.  The great thing about adding a BBQ grill to your Summer repertoire is the ability to cook year-round.  There’s nothing like throwing a few steaks on the grill in the winter to liven up a routine and remind you that warmer days are right around the corner.

Splashing Good Time

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking to create the perfect backyard paradise for gatherings, parties or just family relaxation time, consider installing a backyard pool this summer.  Inground models are a permanent commitment, but there are a variety of aboveground options for homeowners afraid of too much commitment.  Check with your homeowners insurance about any pool safety requirements and ask your city about permits needed prior to beginning installation.  A few water safety classes and inflatable rubber ducky floating lounge chairs later and you’ll be vacationing in your back yard in no time.

Whatever your flavor of entertaining, your backyard will certainly be the heart of your at home summer festivities.  Brighten up your space with one of our tried and true suggestions and get ready to create a space that will add value to your home and memories for your family that will last a lifetime.



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